In 2007, our firm was admitted to a high world ranking affiliation accounting groups known as THE LEADING EDGE ALLIANCE with offices worldwide. Together with other four Malaysia Accounting firms, we represented the Malaysian Chapter of this prestigious group.

The Leading Edge Alliance (LEA Global) - Malaysian Chapter

Founded in 1999, LEA Global is the second largest international association in the world, creating a high-quality alliance of 226 firms focused on accounting, financial and business advisory services. LEA Global firms operate from 620 offices in 110 countries, giving clients of LEA Global firms access to the knowledge, skills and experience of more than 2,300 experts and 23,000 staff members.

LEA Global firms' unique alliance enables members to maintain their independence while working together to provide the ultimate in client service and providing valuable access to understand the cultural and commercial norms across the globe.

All LEA Global firms must go through rigorous due diligence before being accepted into the alliance.

Working collaboratively, the connection provides consistency and intimate client knowledge - a practice indicative of the value LEA Global places on the qualities of thought leadership, in-depth knowledge, expertise and proactive advisory services.

LEAM offers to serve our clients in the following ways:

  • A peer-to-peer connection that provides the right solutions for clients.
  • Sharing innovative, practice proven strategies for improving performance within the member firms.
  • A collection of knowledge resource for multi-disciplinary businesses and industry-specific expertise responsive to clients’ unique needs.
  • The strength and reputation to attract the highest quality team members.